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We continously seek between design and technology. For over a decade, we’ve helped businesses to craft honest.

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We continously seek between design and technology. For over a decade, we’ve helped businesses to craft honest.

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We Save The Environment

Elcardo is one of the Premier Engineering Companies in Sri Lanka, with three Companies under one wing. They are Elcardo Industries (Pvt) Limited, Elcardo Trading (Pvt) Limited and Elwood (Pvt) Limited

Reasons Why Choose Solar

We believe we can make a difference to this world, to this very earth on which we live. We have been destroying the forests.


Going solar drastically reduces your electricity bill to begin with. Within a short time, your bills could drop down to almost zero. Solar is a one-time investment with a guaranteed life of 25 years. *T&C Apply


Don’t think of solar panels as an expense, think of them as a safe, high return investment. With massive returns that including saving costs to an opportunity to even earn money from your electricity.


A one time investment in solar protects you from future rises in power costs. Solar power is reliable, dependable and most importantly, cost efficient. From low energy costs to almost no energy costs, you will be insulated against potentially huge power bills & increasing tariffs.


Research has shown that homeowners who have adopted solar, have increased the valuation of their home as compared to other homeowners. Any solar investment on your home will immediately increase the valuation of your property.

Chairman's Message

Occupying the Elcardo chairman’s office equipped with all the luxurious modern facilities, I am very humble to review my memories back to yesteryears since from the 1980’s where I ventured my carrier as a technical craftsman in the industrial arena.


From my young age it was and still is my ambition and stern vision that whatever invention I am to be involved in the industrial arena, it should give major priority for local manufactures. Thereby I became the pioneer industrialist who fabricated crash bars for automobile jeeps and subsequently, comprehensive exhaust line and its accessories to all types of automobile vehicles. Elcardo became the first ever company in Asia to manufacture the exhaust line and muffler barrels with the use of stainless steel in order to provide a long life to the exhaust line.

From there onwards, I have come a long way with overcoming difficulties and competitive tasks to achieve the present status where the Elcardo name is mentioned in a cynosure place in the roller door industry, successively holding the major share as the market leader in the industry.

The historical milestone of the company shows both success and failures, through which all my staff members both past and present have steadfastly held my hand and guided me along to make our ventures successful. Also, not forgetting the valuable customers who gather around us with appreciation in regard to the quality and the high standard of our products and services, gave us more courage and confidence to move into new ventures from time to time.

So I make this opportunity to extend my sincere and humble gratitude to both my colleagues and clients for making Elcardo shine in the industry and now on I look forward to further new innovations to make our products more valuable to our existing and potential customers.


To be a recognized contributor & earn the foreign exchange by producing every possible item locally.


To invest in manufacturing and provide services, meeting the international standards in the delight of the customer.


It is indeed a long journey that has come along over 3 decades to achieve the present status of Elcardo. So this is just a brief review on Elcardo inventions from its inceptions. It was in early 1980’s an energetic youngster named Athula Rohan Weerarathne, the present Chairman of Elcardo group, with his moderate thinking took the first step to research how he could introduce, locally manufactured items and his first innovation to the local market was the first ever locally made ‘crash bar’ for auto mobile jeeps. Subsequently he moved on to producing Auto mobile exhaust line accessories and he was the pioneer to manufacture exhaust line accessories using stainless steel. 

In 1985, Elcardo legally registered as a business industry and thereafter in no time the Elcardo name became very popular among the auto mobile users throughout the island. Elcardo launched a new product line in early 1990 by bringing down Exclusive Automobile Accessories (specifically made for 4 wheel driven luxury vehicles) from abroad resulting in Elcardo becoming the leading supplier of Automobile accessories at present day. Elcardo with its utmost dedication also succeeded in fabricating all types of Stainless Steel railings, display racks; many other structures for Building Constructions, Kitchen pantry cupboards and more Stainless Steel solutions required by star hotels, hospitals and private sector clients.

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We’re the #1 Solar Energy Provider!

About Us

We believe we can make a difference to this world, to this very earth on which we live. We have been destroying the forests for whatever reasons for many years. It was proved that the application of solar technology for green lighting of highway rest facilities not only could have considerable energy saving capacity.

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